Couple win £1 million on Ant & Dec’s Limitless Win

Helen & Charlie on Limitless Win

In an electrifying episode of Ant & Dec’s Limitless Win a couple took home a record-breaking £1 million prize tonight.

Champions Helen & Charlie took home the prize money after a tense instalment of the ITV game show on Saturday.

Speaking after the episode aired, Dec vividly described the moment in the studio as “electric,” drawing parallels to other significant TV moments like the Pop Idol final and Britain’s Got Talent.

Ant echoed the sentiment, highlighting the uncertainty and excitement that gripped the studio. He amusingly recounted his spontaneous reaction, which almost cost the winners a part of their prize.

“That’s why I jumped on the desk. Even though I did get told off!” Ant recalled.

Ant & Dec react to tense Limitless Win game

The winners, Helen and Charlie, shared their amazement and joy in winning the biggest prize in the show’s history.

“It is taking some time to get used to and still feels absolutely surreal!” they expressed.

Charlie detailed their strategy, revealing a special code, “I know, know the answer,” that they used to signal absolute certainty. His extensive knowledge of Indie music and the blur/Oasis rivalry was crucial in clinching the win.

Asked about the first people they told, Helen and Charlie mentioned Helen’s parents, who were astonished at the amount won. The couple intends to use their winnings thoughtfully, with plans including a trip to New Zealand, a new car, and securing their children’s future.

They said: “We are going to take our time deciding what to do as this will change things significantly for us. We will pay off our mortgage and Helen has a significant birthday this year, so we are planning to go to New Zealand to see one of Helen’s closest friends who lives there!

“We also need a new (2nd hand) car which might now be a bit nicer than we were planning.”

The pair added: “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us.”

Ant & Dec’s Limitless Win continues Saturday 20th January, 8:30PM on ITV1 and ITVX.