Channel 4 unveils new crime drama Patience

Patience - First Look

Channel 4 has just wrapped up filming for their new crime drama, Patience, starring Laura Fraser and Ella Maisy Purvis.

The show comes from Eagle Eye Drama, the team behind hits like The Couple Next Door and Hotel Portofino.

Patience is a six-part police crime drama set in York and will be available to stream and watch live on Channel 4.

Ella Maisy Purvis plays Patience Evans, who works in the criminal records department of Yorkshire Police.

Patience is a young autistic woman who finds comfort in the routine and order her job provides.

Despite her love for solitude, she has a knack for criminology and a passion for solving crimes.

Laura Fraser stars as Detective Bea Metcalf, who recognises Patience’s unique talent and brings her into the fold of active investigations.

This new role opens up a whole new world for Patience, allowing her to apply her skills in real-life crime-solving scenarios.

The show also features a regular support group for autistic adults, where characters discuss the challenges of living in a neurotypical world and how to navigate it.

Notably, all neurodivergent characters in the series, including Patience, are played by neurodiverse actors.

Laura Fraser, said: “Patience is full of intriguing mysteries and unusual crimes, but also looks at detective Bea Metcalf’s working relationship with a young woman who experiences life in a different way to her own, and also the friendship that develops between them.”

Ella Maisy Purvis, added: “I’m incredibly honoured to bring Patience Evans to life in this ground-breaking drama. Audiences can look forward to an authentic representation of a young autistic woman that is written with nuance and detail, but also that challenges the norms of the neuro-typical world.

“Patience is a character full of depth, intelligence, and an unwavering passion for justice, and I can’t wait for viewers to join her on this thrilling journey.”

Filming has taken place in York and Belgium and transmission details will be announced in due course.

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