Celebrity Hunted: Celebrities line up and spoilers from Channel 4 series

Celebrity Hunted cast, spoilers and start date

Who’s on Celebrity Hunted? The full celebrities line up taking part in Channel 4’s new series are confirmed.

Hunted is back on Channel 4 but this time it’s not ordinary Brits going on the run, it’s celebrities.

Celebrity Hunted cast

Seven famous faces split into four teams are taking part. They will attempt to stay off the radar and remain at large for two weeks as crack team of hunters try and track them down.

The celebrity teams are Made in Chelsea’s Jamie Laing and Spencer Matthews, Jay McGuiness and Siva Kaneswaran from The Wanted, Gogglebox’s Steph and Dom and, competing alone, Anneka Rice

With former police officers, intelligence and army personnel hot on their tail and faces recognisable across the UK will they be able to stay undetected?

Just like in the hit non-celeb series, the famous faces will film their own adventures themselves as they take extreme measures to try to evade capture from our expert hunters. What they do and where they go will be up to them – but with a team of Hunters seeking them out and tracking them down, their task of going dark will be truly tested.

Celebrity Hunted finishes this evening on Tuesday 31st October at 9:15pm on Channel 4

Celebrity Hunted spoilers!

In tonight’s fourth and final episode, can any of the remaining celebrity fugitives evade capture and make it to the extraction point?

With dogs, drones and helicopters at the ready, the hunters are determined to get a clean sweep. Jay McGuiness and Siva Kaneswaran have kept a low profile so far. But when the sharp-eyed hunters identify their precise location from a road-side selfie, their cover is well and truly blown.

Jamie Laing and Spencer Matthews have relied on their fame to blag lifts and places to stay, but with more and more members of the public calling in with tip-offs for the hunters, their celebrity and an ill-timed sunbed could prove to be their downfall.

Celebrity Hunted concludes tonight at 9:15PM.