Big Boys cast and all about new Channel 4 comedy series


Big Boys is the new comedy series airing on Channel 4.

Created and narrated by Jack Rooke, it stars Dylan Llewellyn as a uni fresher, trying to find his tribe whilst still finding himself.

The show centres on an unlikely friendship between sweet, shy, closeted Jack (Dylan Llewellyn, Derry Girls) and boisterous, laddish and ever-so-slightly mature student Danny (Jon Pointing, Plebs).

Also on the cast are Camille Coduri as Peggy, Katy Wix as Jules, Izuka Hoyle as Corinne and Olisa Odele as Yemi.

Big Boys will begin on Channel 4 on Thursday, 26 May at 10PM.

Channel 4 tease: “Nineteen-year-old Jack is a dweeby, sheltered, closeted boy from Watford, trying to overcome his grief after his dad’s passing and figure out what he wants in life. He leaves behind his potty-mouthed mum Peggy, who has persuaded him to take up a scholarship at the local uni so that he can make something of himself and not just be stuck at home, masturbating and knitting blankets to sell on Etsy.

“Meanwhile, 25-year-old Danny is your typical loud-and-proud lads’ lad. Hailing from a run-down seaside town, Danny is a few years older than every other fresher, trying to live out a lost adolescence while confronting the demons of his mental health.

“Living in an ex-classroom shed on campus, the boys are thrown together by the enigmatic Jules, the head of the SU who was a student herself a decade ago and has just never left.

“They soon meet Corinne, a sharp, study-centric Scot who’s learning to let her hair down, and Yemi, the savvy fashion kid who, at 19, has already seen it all, done it all and begrudgingly guides this gang of misfits through freshers and beyond.

“And so we follow their first year at Brent Uni as they explore, experiment and try to discover themselves, helping one another along the way.”

The full series will be available to stream or download for free on All 4 following the transmission of the first episode.

Big Boys is based on comedy writer Jack Rooke’s award-winning live comedy shows ‘Good Grief’, ‘Happy Hour’ and ‘Love Letters’.

Jack Rooke, creator and writer said: “As a kid I‘d stay up late to sneakily watch something a bit ‘queer’ on Channel 4.

“I‘d ask Dad: ‘Why does that bloke have his face in that other bloke’s lap?’ and he’d grin and say, ‘They’re just having a fun time!!’

“Now I am thrilled to have my first comedy series with Channel 4, writing and narrating Big Boys, based on the teen years after losing my dad with all the ups and downs of grief, sexual discovery, freshers’ week and making one very special best mate. (And I’ll be sure to include some of my own ‘fun times’ too!)”

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