Big Proud Party Agency start date: BBC Three new series follows LGBTQ+ party agents

Big Proud Party Agency air date

BBC Three is to follow the work of a team of LGBTQ+ professional party agents in a new series.

Titled The Big Proud Party Agency, the six part series will follow the agents as they plan some iconic event.

The BBC share: “From inspiration to celebration, each episode sees the party agents tasked with creating an extravagant event for a ‘party star’ with something important to commemorate.

“The agents are given a brief and then have to pitch their idea before one is chosen, with the party star’s best friends on hand throughout to help pull off a memorable night.”

The series will begin Wednesday, 29 June at 9PM on BBC Three and iPlayer.

Those appearing the show are cultural producer and event curator Ryan Lanji, model and businesswoman Teddy Edwardes and party architect Christopher Mills.

Des Henderson of production company Alleycats said: “At Alleycats we’re all about celebrating individuality and we’re thrilled to be bringing fabulous queer parties to life on BBC Three.”

Fiona Campbell, Controller BBC Three, added: “We first heard about this idea through our partnership with BBC Northern Ireland and Northern Ireland Screen and loved it so much we had to bring it to series straightaway.

“After a year with no parties, The Big Proud Party Agency is here to bring the BBC Three audience some much needed joy.”

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