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The Apprentice 2017 candidates battle technology in robot task

The Apprentice 2017 candidates are tasked with selling robots in tonight’s latest episode.


In this evening’s show, the candidates are summoned to London’s new Design Museum, home to some of the world’s most influential creations.

There, Lord Sugar starts by making a surprise announcement intended to help the boys’ team get back on track after two losses in a row: Michaela is instructed to join the Boys team.

Lord Sugar then explains that this week the candidates will need to get their heads around cutting edge, new technology, because this week it’s all about robots.

Lord Sugar makes Michaela the Boys’ team Project Manager and she has no problems taking control, revealing her strategy to keep the boys in line: “If they start going off on one, they’re going to get whipped.”

apprentice 2017 robots task 2

While on the Girls’ team it’s a battle for control while later, tensions between Siobhan and Elizabeth come to a head.


The teams split in half for a two-part task, with one half of the teams programming and pitching an advanced robot.

The boys target the over 60s market but their patronising approach and marketing mess leaves the retailers reaching for the off-button.

For the girls, it’s the kids market, but an appalling pitch sees their team go into meltdown.

On the other half of the teams, it’s all fun and games selling cheaper toy robots.

The boys, under new leadership, see their sales tally get a total reboot this week; but for the girls, sales of their flying robot take a nose dive as infighting puts them off course.

In the boardroom the teams’ performances are reviewed by Lord Sugar as the numbers come in – but who made the most of their product?

Once the results are all counted, one team’s malfunctions end in someone being deleted from the process – “You’re Fired!”

apprentice 2017 robots task 1

Tune in to find out who is next to hear Lord Sugar’s immortal words ‘You’re Fired’ on Wednesday 18th October, 9.00PM on BBC One and BBC One HD


And straight after at 10PM on BBC Two is You’re Fired.

Join host Rhod Gilbert alongside guests Comedian – Russell Kane, TV Presenter – Michelle Ackerley and Entrepreneur – Kavita Oberoi OBE for a fresh and unique take on the highlights of The Apprentice as well as the first exclusive interview with the fired candidate.

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