Alone prize money and how new Channel 4 show works


Alone is the new reality show coming to Channel 4 this weekend.

Already a hit in other countries, TV’s most epic, extreme and uncompromising survival experiment comes to the UK for its first ever UK series.

The show sees contestants abandoned in one of the most beautiful but challenging landscapes on earth.

The Alone contestants in a group shot
The Alone contestants. Back: L-R Javed, Naomi, Mike, Louie, Elise, Tom, Pip, Kian. Front: L-R Laura, Alan, Eva

With a handful of basic tools and cameras, they’re left completely alone to fend for themselves in the remote wilderness of north-west Canada.

The contestants must find food, build shelter and avoid predators like bears and wolves in order to survive. It’s also up to them to film their own adventures with no camera crews or any other production team near them.

Monitored remotely by GPS devices, contestants may ‘tap out’ and quit at any point by call a satellite phone for an extraction – or they may be forced to withdraw for medical reasons such as suffering an injury or losing too much weight.

The prize money for the one contestant who is left standing is £100,000.

Spanning ages 19 to 58, this diverse group of contenders isn’t composed of hardcore survival experts; rather, they are everyday individuals in pursuit of an extraordinary trial, each with their own unique motivations that have converged at this pivotal juncture.

As their journey unfolds within the untamed wilderness, their narratives unfurl, unveiling their authentic essence. Beyond being a rigorous survival test, the show transcends into a profound exploration of the human psyche amidst formidable adversity.

The first episode of Alone airs on Channel 4 from Sunday, 6 August at 9PM.

The six-part series then continues weekly on TV, or you can watch the next episode online immediately via

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