Alan Partridge returns with new BBC series exploring mental health

Alan Partridge

Alan Partridge, the iconic figure in British comedy, is making a much-anticipated return to the BBC with a fresh documentary series titled And Did Those Feet… with Alan Partridge.


This series marks a significant turn in Partridge’s career as he returns to the UK after spending a year working in Saudi Arabia, only to find himself grappling with an unexpected sense of dissatisfaction upon his return to Norwich.

The six-part series embarks on a deeply personal journey with Partridge as he attempts to understand and overcome the malaise that has enveloped him despite his homecoming.

The series is set to explore a variety of themes critical to mental well-being, including the importance of home, work, nature, relationships, pastimes, and a yet-to-be-determined sixth topic, reflecting Partridge’s commitment to journalism and storytelling.

Partridge’s introspective quest is not just a search for personal enlightenment but is also aimed at addressing broader issues of mental health in the UK.

Alan Partridge said: “The kingdom of Saudi Arabia enjoys extensive oil and natural gas reserves, but has also seen economic growth in other areas such as agricultural production, retail trade, construction, and transport.

“It directs some $69 billion to military expenditure each year. And yet despite all that, I somehow felt incomplete.”


Jon Petrie, BBC Director of Comedy Commissioning said: “Alan Partridge is the most iconic comedy character in the UK. The wonderful Steve Coogan and Neil & Rob Gibbons continue to innovate and create an even richer world for Alan to inhabit. This unflinching look at the state of the UK through Alan’s eyes promises to add more brilliance to the Partridge canon.”

The new six-part series will air on BBC One and iPlayer.

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