After The Flood cast revealed for new ITV drama

SOPHIE RUNDLE as Joanna Marshall in After The Flood
SOPHIE RUNDLE as Joanna Marshall.

Here’s a full run down of who’s on the cast of new ITV drama After The Flood.

After the Flood is a riveting mystery thriller set against the backdrop of a small town reeling from a catastrophic flood. The plot thickens when a man’s body is discovered in a lift within an underground car park, leading police to speculate he was trapped during the rising floodwaters.

Leading the investigation is PC Joanna Marshall, portrayed by Sophie Rundle, whose determination to unravel the truth about the man’s death becomes an obsession. As the series progresses, the narrative delves into the profound effects of climate change on the town’s inhabitants.

The relentless floods are on the brink of revealing hidden secrets, with local fortunes and reputations hanging in the balance. What lengths will individuals go to safeguard their own interests?

After The Flood 2024 cast

Here’s a full rundown of who’s on the cast of After The Flood:

  • Sophie Rundle plays Joanna Marshall
  • Anita Adam Gabay plays Tasha Eden
  • Jonas Armstrong plays Lee Ellison
  • Daniel Betts plays DCI Roy
  • Jacqueline Boatswain plays Sarah Mackie
  • George Bukhari plays Keith
  • Nicholas Gleaves plays Sergeant Phil Mackie
  • Faye Mckeever plays Kelly
  • Lorraine Ashbourne plays Molly Marshall
  • Philip Glenister plays Jack Radcliffe
  • Tripti Tripuraneni plays Deepa Das
  • Jeanette Percival plays Amy
  • Steve Cooper plays Greg Gidley
  • Matt Stokoe plays Pat Holman
  • Ray Castleton plays Mr Allen
  • Jake Whitehurst plays Andrew
  • Sara Beasley plays Mrs Markham
  • Maui Connock plays Sophie
  • James Quinn plays Chris Robinson
  • Arthur Mcbain plays Daniel Eden
  • Heider Ali plays Ds Babak
SOPHIE RUNDLE as Joanna Marshall.
After The Flood. SOPHIE RUNDLE as Joanna Marshall.

Watch After The Flood on TV and online

After The Flood will air weekly at 9PM on Wednesday, 10 January on ITV1. The series has six episodes.

You’ll also be able to watch episodes online and catch up via ITVX.

A teaser of the first episode shares: “After discovering a body in the wake of a devastating flood, PC Jo Marshall begins investigating the man’s possible murder.”

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