X Factor act reveals what Robbie Williams is REALLY like as a mentor


X Factor contestants LMA Choir have spilled all about their time on the show.

The group made history by becoming the first choir to make The X Factor live shows, but were eliminated on Sunday night.

Their cover of Proud Mary for Guilty Pleasures week saw the singers end up in the bottom two, where they lost out in deadlock to Brendan Murray.

Following her shock exit, the group have been speaking about being on the series and working with Robbie Williams.

Choir’s leader Steph Carr revealed: “It was brilliant working with Robbie. He’s absolutely so down to Earth. We were quite shocked really on how down to Earth he was really.

“He was just like one of us. He’d turn up to the house, he was at the house a lot, and he’d give us lots of advice. He’s been in one of the most successful boybands in the world. He was inspirational. He’d been there, he’d done that.”

In an interview with the Daily Express, she went on: “And he has a lot of respect for us as well, which was great. He respected us a lot.

“He respected that we wanted to do something as well as giving us advice. And he was really really supportive, and he was a friend.

Robbie said this week he was stunned to see the choir in the sing off.

He said: “I found it a shock. I really, really found it a shock.

“I erroneously thought we had 50 per cent of the vote but apparently we don’t. It was an unspoken thing.”

Now Robbie is left with a trio of groups in his category: Aaliyah and Acacia, Misunderstood and United Vibe.

The live shows start all over again this Saturday evening with a brand new theme, Fright Night for Halloween.

The weekend will see guest judge, Nile Rodgers joins the show. He’ll takeover from Robbie on Sunday night, who has to miss the show due to tour commitments.