Saara Aalto showcases her Eurovision 2018 Song by singing in 34 languages


Saara Aalto showcased her Eurovision 2018 Song Contest entry – by performing it in 34 languages.

Saara, who was runner up on The X Factor in 2016, has chosen to represent her home country of Finland in this year’s competition.

The singer has been breaking down borders across Europe by singing a lush candlelight version of Eurovision song Monsters in the 34 languages of the countries taking part in the competition this year.

You can watch the multi-language version of ‘Monsters’ below – where Saara sings in every language of all the countries participating at 2018 Eurovision.

Saara Aalto will perform “Monsters” in Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon in Semi-Final 1 on Tuesday May 8th.

This is Saara’s fourth attempt at Eurovision, trying three times to enter the competition in the past but was always second best.

Confirming she would be competing in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest for Finland, Saara announced previously (via “I know that this journey is going to be fantastic regardless of the results of the actual competition.”

She joked: “I’m of course jumping right in with the attitude that I can win the Eurovision Song Contest – or at least finish in second place! That’s something I’ve been great at, no doubt about it.”

Saara also revealed last year that she had been in talks to represent the UK.

“There have been talks with the BBC, they really want me to do it,” Saara told The Sun. “I love Eurovision so I have been searching for the right opportunity to be part of it.

“It’s just whether I should do it for the UK or Finland or some other country.”

Eurovision 2018 will air in May from Lisbon, Portugal.

The UK Eurovision act for 2018 was confirmed last month. SuRie and her song Storm, written by Nicole Blair, Gil Lewis and Sean Hargreaves, will head to Lisbon in May after being chosen in a live show.

SuRie is an actress and singer who is no stranger to the Eurovision Song Contest, appearing as a backing singer for Loïc Nottet in 2015 and Blanche at Eurovision 2017.