Let’s Make A Love Scene: All about new Channel 4’s new dating show

Singletons will recreate famous movie love scenes as part of a new Channel 4 dating show.

Let’s Make a Love Scene will be hosted by comedian Ellie Taylor.

Channel 4 share of the premise: “Countless Hollywood stars have met their other halves on set. But can ‘acting’ in love lead to a real connection?

“In new dating show Let’s Make a Love Scene singletons looking for love will star in their own rom com supported and coached through intimate scenes by an intimacy consultant and acting coach.

“One guy or girl performs three sexy scenes with three complete strangers. Inspired by blockbusters such as Ghost, The Notebook and Fifty Shades of Grey, these non-actors get a chance to live out their movie-star fantasies.

“When the steamy scenes wrap, our singleton must choose one co-star to go on a date with to discover whether the on-screen chemistry will turn into real life love.”

Preparing the singletons will be filmmaking’s best – intimacy co-ordinator Rufai ‘Roo’ Ajala and acting coach Emma Crompton

Let’s Make A Love Scene will air over two episodes, starting at 10PM on Friday, 13 May 2022.

The series will be made by producers Talkback and is one of two brand new shows to be fronted by Ellie.

She’ll also host new game show You Won’t Believe This which sees contestants turn detective as they try to spot the liars to win a cash prize.

Ellie Taylor said: “I jumped at the chance of getting involved in both these shows and I’m super excited to be working with C4 and Talkback to bring them to life – what better way to put my match making and my detective skills to the test!

“Here’s hoping to some winning amateur detectives as well as red-hot chemistry between our singletons.”