Love & Death release date and trailer new drama on ITV with Elizabeth Olsen

Love & Death UK air date and how to watch online

A release date has been confirmed for new ITV drama Love & Death.

The series tells the unbelievable true story of Candy Montgomery (Elizabeth Olsen), a 1980s Texas housewife accused of murder.

Experience a captivating and thought-provoking psychological tale crafted by David E. Kelley (renowned for HBO’s The Undoing and Big Little Lies) and directed by Lesli Linka Glatter (of Homeland fame).

ELIZABETH OLSEN as Candy Montgomery
From HBO Max/Warner Bros./Lionsgate. On ITVX. LOVE & DEATH. Pictured: ELIZABETH OLSEN as Candy Montgomery

Love & Death unveils an astonishing true narrative centred around Candy Montgomery (portrayed by Elizabeth Olsen), a Texas housewife from the 1980s who finds herself accused of a shocking crime.

Love & Death will be available to watch online in the UK on ITVX exclusively from 7 September.

Despite her seemingly idyllic life with a loving family, an immaculate home, and active involvement in her church, Candy grapples with a sense of suburban monotony that lingers.

A chance, charged encounter with fellow churchgoer Allan Gore (played by Jesse Plemons) offers Candy an exhilarating taste of the thrill she craves. Their meticulously planned and daring affair unfolds according to design – until their respective spouses, Pat (Patrick Fugit) and Betty (Lily Rabe), unexpectedly uncover their hidden liaison… and a horrifying turn of events leads to a gruesome outcome.

A synopsis of the first episode shares: “At a church volleyball match, Candy and Allan share a surprisingly charged moment on the court, while their spouses, Pat and Betty, navigate a misunderstanding in the stands. Though Candy assures her friend Sherry that Allan is ‘fall-in-love-proof,’ she later finds herself spontaneously proposing a first liaison.

“After initially insisting he can’t cheat on Betty, Allan suggests he and Candy carefully weigh the pros and cons of an affair.”

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