I’m A Celeb’s Beverley Callard on her husband’s nickname and vegan ‘controversy’

Beverley Callard has spilled all on her time in camp after leaving I’m A Celebrity.

The soap star left in Monday night’s show alongside Victoria Derbyshire in a double elimination.

Appearing on spin-off show The Daily Drop on ITV Hub, Beverley said: “I’m not used to it yet. I’m not used to feeling clean, I’m not used to wearing clean clothes, clean hair – it’s wonderful.”

One of the first questions Beverley faced was THAT nickname for her husband,

Of the nation now knowing her husband Jon’s nickname she laughed: “Yes indeed. I won’t mention it.”

Beverley added: “He was completely in shock. But, of course, I was. I did not know that all that had gone out until [the highlights].”

Speaking about her campmates, Beverley said: “I fell in love with Jordan completely. I’d never met him before, until that first day when the first sight of him was him throwing up on the cliff top. I was thinking, who is this guy?

“When you meet someone eye to eye, he’s got the warmest eyes, he’s the kindest, gentlest person but also is just naturally funny. He doesn’t try, it just pours out of him. He’s gorgeous.”

Beverley also spoke about inadvertently putting her foot in it about the TV show Splash! Saying: “I do it throughout my whole life. I am terrible. I am as subtle as a brick in the face. I just couldn’t believe I’d said that and Vernon had presented it.

“I’d only seen one episode – and I did think it was rubbish unfortunately – and I just said it. And then when he said something about paying the electric bills or something, I was thinking, that’s a weird thing to say. [When I realised] I just wanted the floor to open up and swallow me.”

Speaking about her first day out of camp, Beverley said: “I was really boring. I got into my room, I’ve been a vegan only since March – I believe, no one believes me, they think I ate eel and squirrel and I did not, they gave me jackfruit… that tasted of wood – but I get into the hotel room and there was this vegan spread on the coffee table and I ate a basket of chips… and that was it. And carrots and hummus.”

Of looking at her phone she said: “I just rang Jon straight away and said, ‘How fast will you be at the hotel?’”

She added: “I felt as though I’d been away for weeks and weeks and weeks even though it’s two weeks and that’s all. It’s just been so long.”

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