Coronation Street spoilers: Autumn storylines revealed – shock secrets cause chaos on the cobbles


Coronation Street has revealed what’s in store this autumn.

Family matters dominate the late summer drama in Weatherfield with returning relatives, couples in crisis and shocking secrets causing chaos on the cobbles.

The clock has been ticking for Gary Windass ever since he took in the teenage daughter of the man he murdered. Increasingly seeing Gary as a father figure, Kelly is further indebted to Gary when he rescues her from the clutches of dad Rick’s shady associates.

But having witnessed how far Gary is willing to go to keep her safe, Kelly starts to wonder if he has crossed that line before. Meanwhile, Gary’s wife Maria continues to struggle with the unwanted online attention her council work has brought and Gary is determined to protect her. Is Gary’s past about to catch up with him?

Another resident is also keen to keep secrets from his previous life as he tries to build a new future for himself. Stu Carpenter has found friendship and family with Yasmeen, but when she tries to help him reconnect with his daughter she inadvertently starts a sequence of events that could see Stu’s new life come crashing down on them all.

The return of Audrey Roberts’ prodigal son Stephen came in the nick of time as her relationship with the rest of her family reached crisis point and resulted in a drunken Audrey being rescued from a nasty accident in the barbers. Furious with being treated like a child by Gail and her grandchildren, Audrey decides to put her finances in order with the help of businessman Stephen, much to the horror of the rest of the family.

But as Audrey continues to struggle with the issues that growing older can bring, has she backed the wrong horse and is Stephen the knight in shining armour she believes?

Leanne Tyldesley’s concerns for her sister are growing. With Toyah facing a murder charge and possible prison sentence the future is looking grim. As Toyah throws herself into fighting local causes to try and block out the impending court case she looks set to get herself into even more bother, when salvation arrives in the shape of Toyah’s ex-partner eco warrior Spider Nugent.

As Spider takes Toyah under his wing, Leanne is relieved to finally have someone else to share the load. But exactly what has brought Spider back to Weatherfield and could he bring more trouble to their door?

Summer Spellman’s body image struggles were brought to the fore when she and boyfriend Aaron decided to book a beach holiday. Aaron is a tower of strength, but it soon becomes clear that he has his own problems at home. Can this codependent couple work through their issues or will their secrets tear them apart?

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