Coronation Street spoiler: Kelly Neelan taken prisoner in shock storyline


Coronation Street has revealed a first look at this week’s episodes as Kelly Neelan finds herself taken prisoner.

Her good intentions go dangerously wrong as she becomes locked in a darkened cellar.

In episodes to air on Friday night (15 July), a panic-stricken Kelly is captured by one of her dad’s evil old clients, Kieron, after she tracks him down to pay him back his money – a deed she hopes would right her father’s wrongdoings.

A teaser shares: “After finding a wad of cash that belonged to her dad this week, Kelly wants to make peace with the people he ripped off over the years by returning their riches to them. But when Gary gets wind of her plans, sparks fly, as he knows only too well how dangerous Rick’s associates are.

“Warning Kelly that she is on the verge of stepping into Weatherfield’s criminal underworld, Gary forbids her to get further involved but head-strong Kelly refuses to listen.

“After a dramatic showdown between the pair, Kelly ultimately seals her own fate by ignoring Gary’s words and meeting up with one of Rick’s old cronies.

“It’s at this moment that Kelly is kidnapped and locked in a cellar, terrified that her days are numbered.”

Millie Gibson, who plays Kelly, shares of the upcoming episode: “Kelly is distraught. Every time she gets herself into these sorts of situations she feels like she has hit rock bottom, but then another situation comes around so it’s a constant cycle of awful situations for her.

Kelly is fearing for her life, she knows what her dad was capable of so she is terrified of what his enemies could do.”

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8PM on ITV.

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