Celebrities to spend seven days in darkness for new Channel 4 series


Celebrities will spend a week in the pitch black for a brand new Channel 4 show.

Provisionally titled Scared of the Dark and dubbed a “ground-breaking endurance experiment”, a group of famous faces will live in darkness for a week.

Channel 4 explain: “Nyctophobia, or the fear of darkness, is one of the most common phobias. Living in complete and total darkness the celebrities must endure the unique pressures of light deprivation as well as adapting to performing daily tasks in the lightless space that they will call home.

“Their living space has everything they need for a comfortable stay……they just can’t see any of it.

“Over the course of seven days, the celebrities must undertake a series of thought-provoking challenges designed to test either their primal fear of total darkness or their ability to function in pitch black darkness.

“Those that fail at their challenges will have to take on herculean tasks to save their place on the show. Each celebrity will be motivated to conquer their fears because at the end only one will step out into the light as series winner.”

Phil Harris, Head of Entertainment and Events at Channel 4 said “Channel 4 has always been home to some of the most outlandish and boundary pushing reality creations that challenge preconceptions through innovative formats and diverse casting, and Scared of the Dark is a commission firmly in that tradition.”

Tom Beck, Head of Live Events at Channel 4, added: “Funny, frightening and totally unexpected, this idea really jumped out at us – much like we’ll be jumping out and surprising a load of terrified celebrities. The show promises an enticing mix of reality, entertainment and experiment and I can’t wait to turn the lights off and get started”.

The new show is being made by MultiStory Media from an original idea created by Possessed.

A celebrity line up and broadcast details are to be announced in due course.

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