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India and Ovie go on a date. Love Island 2019 spoilers: New girl India Reynolds has her eyes on Ovie Soko

Love Island newbie India Reynolds takes a liking to Ovie Soko in tonight's episode.

Harley and India arrive. Love Island 2019 newbies head out on dates - who do they pick?

Three new Islanders join the Love Island 2019 villa tonight and head out on dates.

Maura and Chris date. Love Island 2019 spoilers: Newbies Chris and Francesca go out on date - who do they pick?

Love Island's new Islanders Chris Taylor and Francesca Allen cause a stir in tonight's show as they go out on dates.

Anna and Jordan kiss. Love Island 2019: Anna Vakili argues with Ovie Soko before kissing Jordan Hames

Anna Vakili's love triangle with Ovie Soko and Jordan Hames reaches a dramatic conclusion in tonight's Love Island.

Amber and Ovie go on a date. Love Island spoilers: Amber and Jordan go on dates - but who do they pick?

Jordan Hames and Amber Gill head out on dates in tonight's Love Island 2019.

Anna Love Island 2019 spoiler: Anna torn between Jordan and Ovie

Love Island's Anna Vakili has found herself in a love triangle with Jordan Hames with Ovie Soko.

Anna and Jordan chat and hug. Love Island's Anna still has feelings for Jordan despite coupling up with Ovie

Anna Vakili may have coupled up with Ovie Soko on Love Island 2019, but she still has feelings for Jordan Hames.

Lucie and Stevie kiss. Love Island's Lucie, Maura and Anna get flirty with the new guys

Love Island's girls Lucie Donlan, Maura Higgins and Anna Vakili get to know the new guys more tonight.

Anna snogs Ovie Love Island 2019: Is new guy Ovie Soko the 'perfect match' for Anna Vakili?

Anna Vakili may have found her perfect match on Love Island 2019 in new guy Ovie Soko.

New boys enter Casa Amor. Love Island 2019 cast: Meet the new contestants as Casa Amor returns

Here are the brand new contestants joining the Love Island 2019 cast.

©ITV Love Island 2019 stars meet the 12 new bombshells as Casa Amor returns

The Love Island 2019 couples have been torn apart in the return of Casa Amor, as 12 fresh faces arrived to turn their heads.

love island 2019 new contestants Love Island 2019 contestants: Meet new boys and girls joining Casa Amor

Here's a run down of Love Island's new contestants as a group of 12 boys and girls join the show.