REVIEW: The X Factor 2012 live tour visits Newcastle

x factor 2012 tour

The Live X Factor Tour is in full swing and Monday night saw the Tour roll into Newcastle-upon-Tyne, the home of so many past contestants, so was it top of the pops or top of the flops?

Our very own reality TV guru, Dean Midas Maynard, went along to review for us...

It's 6.45pm in the Metro Radio Arena and the crowd are slowly starting to filter in. Buying programmes, eating hot dogs and enjoying a well deserved beverage of choice! The average age is 16, groups of girls but there are plenty of parents and children and couples too, overall a general mix of the British public looking forward to seeing their favourites on the live stage. Matt Cardle is playing loud and proud on the speakers and I have to say the atmosphere is starting to buzz with a friendly excitement.

It’s no secret that I am HUGE X Factor fan. Work wise, it now takes up pretty much most of my year...You may have heard I am even 50/1 to be an actual judge on the infamous pannel?

As the arena continues to become a sea of people, I notice Amelia Lily's dad taking his seat in front of us. He even generates his own fan club signing autographs to those recognising him from the Show. He seems a really nice guy. So proud and every right to be.

Its now 7.30pm and the lights go out... and the screams reach high decibels. Newcastle... it's time to face the music. Here we go...

Just a short note to point out at this stage that the acts bounce on and off quicker than tennis balls at Wimbledon. But that adds only to the night, because you don't know who is coming next. So not to spoil anything, I will review the acts, like I have done previously during the TV X Factor shows, rather than give too much away.

OK, here is however, one spoiler... Amelia kicked off the show in style, a perfect little pop star in the making, great voice, great stage presence and her dad was on his feet after every song she did, just like any proud dad would.

Johnny Robinson got one of the biggest cheers of the night when he did his songs, it was the usual style of high pitched singing but he is hard not to like. At the end of his songs he told the Newcastle faithful that he 'Loved them'... Johnny, we love you too.

The Risk got a fantastic reception. They sang great live and looked smooth and cool. The woman sitting next to me clapped frantically throughout both of their performances...I think she is a fan.

Craig Colton got a standing ovation after his first song and he genuinely looked grateful for the response the crowd were giving him. I like Craig and from all the reports I hear, he is a lovely guy. I think a pop and a West end career beckons for Mr Colton.

Little Mix (X Factor tour)

Midas act Janet Devlin also got a good reaction from the crown. Her vocal was faultless and even the new septum piercing seemed to go down well with the crowd. I will say one thing though, it was was very clear tonight that Janet will not be going down the pop route.

Manchester's finest, Misha B was brilliant, her voice is so strong and her live performances were fantastic. Misha B was one of the highlights of the night for me.

For entertainment and vocal ability Kitty Brucknell can't be faulted. Love or hate her, the girl can certainly sing and both her performances were memorable, in a positive way. If I was a record exec. I would certainly take a chance on Kitty.

Whenever Marcus Collins sang, everyone around me was smiling and bopping along.He is a really likeable lad and like Kitty, he put on a good show with dancing and great choreography.

It's not too much of a spoiler or surprise that the winners, Little Mix are the final act to take to the stage. The girls came on with a bang and their dancers waved their Little Mix flags around as the girls sang there hearts out.

The way the girls performed and danced made you forget that they have been a group for less than a year. They looked like seasoned performers and as ever, their vocals were spotless.

Geordies Jade & Perrie thanked the Newcastle faithful for their support and Jade did get a bit emotional. Her mum Norma, told me during the interval, that of all the shows, this was the one she was most nervous about with it being her hometown.

The show (minus an interval) is on for around 2 hours. The whole production, from the acts, to the dancers to the fire and fireworks, (yes really) is faultless. The show transfers spotlessly from the TV to the stage and I have to say this was one of the most enjoyable concerts I have been too for many months.

If you are a fan of the show, go and watch the tour. You won't be disappointed.

Now where can I get a Little Mix flag from...?

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