The X Factor: Celebrity spoilers - first contestants and song choices!

Celebrity The X Factor 2019 line up and songs - October 12

Jenny Ryan.

Here's a spoiler-filled preview of tonight's opening episode of The X Factor: Celebrity.

The X Factor returns for 2019 tonight with a brand new look.

Well-known faces from the world of music, film, sport, television and social media with dreams of becoming superstar singers will fight for the chance to be crowned The X Factor 2019 Champion in The X Factor: Celebrity.

Tonight sees the competition begin as the first batch of celebrity hopefuls leave their comfort zones at the door as they battle it out in LA in a bid to make the live shows where they stand the chance of winning a life changing record deal.

In order to make the cut, they'll first need to impress this year's X Factor judges: Simon Cowell, Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Walsh.

The X Factor: Celebrity begins tonight (Saturday, October 12) at 8:35PM on ITV.

Here's tonight's first line up of contestants and the songs they'll be singing...

The X Factor: Celebrity spoilers!


The Islanders [Wes Nelson, Zara McDermott, Samira Mighty and Eyal Booker].
The Islanders [Wes Nelson, Zara McDermott, Samira Mighty and Eyal Booker].

Song choice: Nothing Holding Me Back by Shawn Mendes - Buy/Stream via - Amazon Music - iTunes/Apple Music

The Love Island supergroup is made up of Wes Nelson, Zara McDermott, Samira Mighty and Eyal Booker.

"I think we’ve always had a passion for music, I really love music in general," said Wes with Eyal adding: "For me, I think performing is just one of those feelings that you don’t get anywhere else. I performed when I was younger and so being given the opportunity to try and do it again, to find my voice again, to be in a group with my friends is kind of a no-brainer, really."

Zara said: "This, for me, is more about personal growth and personal development. I’ve loved music ever since I was a little girl. My dad was a really incredible musician, and he’s always been super confident, and I inherited his music abilities. We’ve been writing and producing music since I was about seven years old. So, I’ve always thought this is a passion of mine, especially writing and producing, as well as singing."

Samira commented: "I’ve been in musicals and trained as a dancer and performer my whole life, in musical theatre and performing arts. I’ve always dreamt of being a singer and an artist, and this is just an amazing opportunity to launch that."


Kevin McHale
Kevin McHale

Song choice: Never Be The Same by Camila Cabello - Buy/Stream via - Amazon Music - iTunes/Apple Music

Kevin McHale is an actor best known for his starring role in Glee.

He said: "I feel like most of the things I’ve done have been things I didn’t expect to do, and that sort of scared me. I’ve never been a competitor in something like this. I guess going to auditions is sort of competing, but it doesn’t feel like this. This is a whole different thing.

"Also, I think the number one reason is because I grew up watching this show, and I think it’s just sort fulfilling some sort of life-long dream I didn’t know I had."



Max & Harvey
Max & Harvey

Song choice: I Don't Care by Justin Bieber ft Ed Sheeran - Buy/Stream via - Amazon Music - iTunes/Apple Music

Max & Harvey are social media stars and CBBC presenters.

Max said: "We thought it would be a cool experience to show off what we can do and just show our music to everyone really. We’ve already been touring with our music so this is taking things to the next level."

Harvey added: "We would describe [our sound] as mainly pop and upbeat. We want to make music people enjoy listening no matter what they’re doing, whether it’s partying or travelling somewhere. Just something that makes people want to get up and dance around."



Cole and Edwards [Brendan Cole and Jeremy Edwards].
Cole and Edwards [Brendan Cole and Jeremy Edwards].

Song choice: Love at First Sight by Kylie Minogue - Buy/Stream via - Amazon Music - iTunes/Apple Music

Cole and Edwards are a duo made up of Strictly Come Dancing pro Brendan Cole and actor Jeremy Edwards.

Brendan said: "Why would I not do The X Factor is the question you should ask. It’s been in everybody’s minds for such a long time, we all know what it is, we all know what it’s about and how it works. I was very fortunate that I was working on the other side. I’ve been in that show for such a long time. Now, the opportunity to be part of a big, big show, a chance to be out of the comfort zone, it was a no brainer."

Jeremy added: "Brendan is my mate and we get on really well, and it was really his gig. He was in talks and he decided he didn’t want to do it on his own and suggested he would rather do it with someone that he knew. Anyway, I got a phone call from Brendan saying, 'Listen, can you sing?' I said, 'Yeah, I can sing.' He goes, 'Right, I’ve got this thing with The X Factor, would you be up for it?' That was it really."


Martin Bashir.
Martin Bashir.

Song choice: L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole - Buy/Stream via - Amazon Music - iTunes/Apple Music

Martin Bashir is a broadcaster and journalist.

He said: "I’ve reported on some of the biggest stories in the past 30 years and been very fortunate because I’ve made the headline on several occasions but I’m here because I’m 56 and I would love the opportunity to develop a second career. I’m used to getting other people to talk about how they feel - I’m normally the one asking the questions so this is a highly unusual experience for me!"



Hayley Hasselhoff.
Hayley Hasselhoff.

Song choice: Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi - Buy/Stream via - Amazon Music - iTunes/Apple Music

Hayley Hasselhoff is an American model, actress and daughter of David Hasselhoff.

She said: "I’ve always wanted to get back into music and I’ve always wanted to find my artistry again. I’ve worked in the studio over the years after I had a band with my sister, but acting got in the way. I’ve just been focusing on fashion and acting, I think that music is something that you want to give your whole entire heart to.

"This show gives you that opportunity to find your artistry, to find who you are and really build on it. I think I’ve always known for the past couple of years who I’ve wanted to be when it comes to my artistry and the music that I want to sing and where my voice has sat, but I just haven’t had the time to fully focus and explore it. This was the first time I’ve really explored it, it’s just been so much fun."



Jenny Ryan.
Jenny Ryan.

Song choice: Somebody To Love by Queen - Buy/Stream via - Amazon Music - iTunes/Apple Music

Jenny Ryan - aka The Vixen - is best known as a star of The Chase.

She said ahead of her Celebrity X Factor appearance: "It’s a proper departure for me. It’s a real adventure. I’m nothing if I’m not up for a challenge, so let’s go for it and see how far I go on this particular journey. Music is something I’ve always enjoyed, but I didn’t realise until I was in my 20s that I had a good singing voice, and that it brought people a bit of joy to hear me.

"I’ve never felt that I would be a pop singer or anything like that. That’s not really crossed my mind as a possibility. But I suppose this opportunity means that anything is possible. The dream is still alive of little seven year old me who was listening to Kylie Minogue tapes.



Try Star [Levi Davis, Ben Foden and Thom Evans].
Try Star [Levi Davis, Ben Foden and Thom Evans].

Song choice: No Diggity by Dr Dre - Buy/Stream via - Amazon Music - iTunes/Apple Music

Try Star are a group of rugby players made up of Levi Davis, Ben Foden and Thom Evans.


The X Factor: Celebrity begins tonight (Saturday, October 12) at 8:35PM on ITV.

As well as watching on TV, you'll be able to watch episodes online and catch up via the ITV Hub.

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