PICTURES! See the Girls and Overs X Factor 2018 Six Chair Challenge performances

Here are all the pictures from tonight's X Factor as the Six Chair Challenge begins.

This weekend is another X Factor double bill as we shift from the auditions to the next stage.

Around 60 acts are left, now split up to their into their categories and each with a mentor for the rest of the show.

This year, Simon Cowell is in charge of the girls, Louis Tomlinson has the guys, Ayda Williams is with the Overs and Robbie Williams has the groups.

In the six chair challenge the acts in each category will perform one at a time with a killer song choice, singing for their mentor, the rest of the judges and a live audience at Wembley.

As always in the six chair challenge, each category's mentor that has ultimate power to decide on which six acts they want through to the next round by placing them on one of six seats on the stage.

Only those left sitting down once everyone has performed will be safe, although this year sees a brand new Guaranteed Safe Seat to give away.

If the judge likes an act enough then they can press a golden X and give that act the 'Safe Seat'. The judge can only press this for an act in their own category. This means the act goes straight through to judges' houses.

Tonight's (Saturday) episode will see the Girls with Simon Cowell and the Overs with Ayda Williams in the spotlight.

Performances to look out for include Georgia Burgess, Molly Scott, Shan and Bella Penfold in the Girls category.

In the Overs, favourites including Ricky John, Cezar Ouatu and Louise Setara battle for one of the six seats.

The X Factor 2018 airs tonight at 8:35PM on ITV and continues Sunday at 8PM.

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