X Factor 2017 contestants struck down by illness ahead of Quarter Finals

Matt Linnen.

Illness has struck some of The X Factor 2017 contestants ahead of this weekend's show.

The X Factor goes live this Saturday and Sunday night for the quarter finals.


It'll be a quadruple elimination with two acts leaving on both Saturday and Sunday night.

And with the pressure on, some acts have been struggling behind the scenes.

Overs' Matt Linnen revealed today: "Everyone's been rehearsing quite hard and unfortunately I haven't been able to because I've been a bit ill this week."


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"I feel a little bit under-rehearsed," he told The Sun newspaper "I mean, we're in quite close proximity with each other so when one person gets it it's kind of hard for all of us not to get it.

"Plus we're quite run down as we've been so busy - so you're almost more susceptible to it."

Rai-Elle Williams admitted she too was suffering but said: "I'm not saying that [I've caught the house bug] because I feel like if I say it then I've jinxed myself.


"So I'm not coming down with the bug I've just got a croaky throat. Nothing that mint tea and Lemsip can't fix in a day."

And speaking to The Sun newspaper, Grace Davies revealed she had a rather different problem ahead of her next live performance.

"I don't know what happened but about three weeks ago I woke up with the worst back pain and I've had it ever since," she said. "Then [Friday] morning, I couldn't even get up off the floor for about twenty minutes, and had to crawl my way across the bedroom.

Grace Davies (The X Factor 2017)
Grace Davies (The X Factor 2017)

"It's affected me a lot in rehearsals."


The X Factor 2017 continues this Saturday at 8:10PM and Sunday night at 7:30PM on ITV

Guests stars performing will be reigning X Factor winner Matt Terry and Black Eyed Peas star Fergie.