X Factor 2017: The Cutkelvins take a risk at judges' houses

The Cutkelvins.

The Cutkelvins are one of the favourites in the groups category on The X Factor 2017 this year.

But will they make the live shows this weekend?

The trio are made up of siblings Jay, 24, Kyle, 23 and Shereen, 20.

Last weekend saw the group make it through to the final 24 acts after a "brutal" round of the six chair challenge.

In tonight's show, the group open up about getting the group together after their father passed away.

The Cutkelvins.
The Cutkelvins.

At their judges' houses performance, the trio take a risk as they switch songs at the last minute.

"We have changed the song which is a bit of a risk for learning lyrics and arrangement, but you need to take risk at this stage of the competition," they say.

Will we be seeing The Cutkelvins in the live shows?

"You’re getting closer and closer each time," said Jay about getting through to judges' houses. "The tension at Six Chair was unbelievable. It was mad.

"When everyone started doing battles. We got the third seat and after all six chairs were filled, that’s when it really gets tough."

Shereen added: "When Simon looks around, you think you could be next."

Kyle quipped: "Don’t make eye contact with Simon. I was hiding behind Shereen’s hair!"

Hiding may well have worked for the three piece who kept their seat and got to hang out with Simon - and his guest mentor Cheryl - in France this year.

Describing the "boss man" as a "chill, cool cat", The Cutkelvins are now eyeing up a place in the live shows.

Jay said: "It would mean a lot, not just for us, but for our family as well. It’s not just us we’re doing it for."

But they're also looking beyond The X Factor.

Shereen explained: "To be honest, we just take it one step at a time. We try to visualise beyond it and being artists and to get through...

Simon and the Groups category. The Cutklevins.
Simon and the Groups category. The Cutklevins.

Kyle concluded: "...would help a lot!"

Find out who makes The X Factor 2017 live shows this weekend.

The X Factor 2017 judges' houses airs Saturday at 8:20PM and Sunday at 7PM on ITV.

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