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X Factor 2018: Who won? Who was voted off? All the results!

X Factor 2018 results this week

Here are all the results from The X Factor 2018 this year including who who and who left when.


A total of sixteen contestants made it through to this year’s live shows, which began on October 20.

The live shows continued this week with anther double eviction. After the then remaining 12 acts had performed on Saturday night, lines opened for viewers to vote for their favourite via phone, mobile or the app.

In the semi-final weekend, three acts left. On Saturday, the two acts with the fewest votes were immediately eliminated while on Sunday the next two with the least public support went forward to the sing-off.

They performed again for the judges who decided which of the pair should stay or leave the competition.

That left a trio of acts for the grand final last weekend, where the winner was crowned.

X Factor 2018 results – who left and who won?

Week 1
Eliminated with least votes: Olatunji Yearwood
Sing-off: Armstrong Martins v Janice Robinson
Result: Armstrong was eliminated after Simon, Ayda and Robbie voted to keep Janice. Louis voted to keep Armstrong.


Week 2
Eliminated with least votes: Janice Robinson
Sing-off: LMA Choir v Brendan Murray
Result: LMA Choir eliminated via deadlock (Least public votes). Louis and Adya voted to send home LMA Choir. Simon and Robbie voted to send home Brendan.

Week 3
Eliminated with least votes: United Vibe
Sing-off: Acacia & Aaliyah v Molly Scott
Result: Molly was eliminated after Louis, Ayda and guest judge Nile Rodgers voted to keep Acacia & Aaliyah. Simon voted to keep Molly.

Week 4
Eliminated with least votes: Misunderstood
Sing-off: Acacia & Aaliyah v Giovanni Spano
Result: Giovanni was eliminated after Louis, Simon and guest judge Nile Rodgers voted to keep Acacia & Aaliyah. Ayda voted to keep Giovanni.

Week 5
Eliminated with least votes: Bella Penfold
Sing-off: Acacia & Aaliyah v Shan Ako
Result: Shan eliminated via deadlock (Least public votes). Guest judge Nile and Adya voted to send home Shan. Simon and Louis voted to send home Acacia & Aaliyah.

Week 6
Eliminated with least votes: Brendan Murray and Danny Tetley
Sing-off: Acacia & Aaliyah v Scarlett Lee
Result: Acacia & Aaliyah were eliminated after Ayda, Simon and Louis voted to keep Scarlett. Robbie voted to keep Acacia & Aaliyah.

Week 7 – FINAL
WINNER: Dalton Andre Harris
Runner up: Scarlett Lee
Third place: Anthony Russell

X Factor 2018 finalists

Recap the full list of The X Factor 2018 finalists who made the live shows here…


Girls – mentored by Simon
ELIMINATED WEEK 5: Shan – 25 year old session singer.
ELIMINATED WEEK 5: Bella Penfold – 19 year old hotel singer from Essex.
ELIMINATED WEEK 3: Molly Scott – 16 year old student.
RUNNER UP: Scarlett Lee – 20 year old make up artist.

Groups – mentored by Robbie
ELIMINATED WEEK 2: LMA Choir – 18 – 40 year olds from Liverpool
ELIMINATED WEEK 6: Acacia & Aaliyah – 14-year-old Aaliyah and 15 year old Acacia K students
ELIMINATED WEEK 4: Misunderstood – 25 & 27 year old singers from London
ELIMINATED WEEK 3: UNITED VIBE – 18-year-old Jon Guelas Burrell, 16-year-old Jack Tisdale, 16-year-old Blaise, 18-year-old Elliot Horne and 21-year-old Kieran Harrison

Overs – mentored by Ayda
ELIMINATED WEEK 1: Olatunji Yearwood – 32 year old Soca performer and songwriter from Trinidad and Tobago.
ELIMINATED WEEK 2: Janice Robinson – 50 year old songwriter.
ELIMINATED WEEK 6: Danny Tetley – 37 year old bar singer from Benidorm
ELIMINATED WEEK 4: Giovanni Spano – 33 year old West End performer


Boys – mentored by Louis
ELIMINATED WEEK 6: Brendan Murray – 21 year old plumber from Ireland.
WINNER: Dalton Andre Harris – 24 year old singer from Jamaica.
THIRD PLACE: Anthony Russell – 28 year old labourer.
ELIMINATED WEEK 1: Armstrong Martins – 23 year old youth worker.

The X Factor 2018 continues Saturday and Sunday nights on ITV.

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