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X Factor 2018: United Vibe ‘refuse to change their name’ despite judges’ criticism

Simon Cowell branded boyband's performance of 'Party In The USA' as "terrible"

X Factor group United Vibe won’t be changing their name – despite encouragement from their mentor to do so.


Robbie Williams last week invited The X Factor viewers to suggest new names for his boyband United Vibe after the judges panned their latest performance.

But they said this weekend: “We took the comments about changing our name on board but we’ve already got quite a large fan base and they like the name.

“We’re going to stick with the fans who have supported us and stick with United Vibe.”

“Robbie was 100 per cent behind us, whatever we chose,” they added to The Sun newspaper.

The group, mentored by the ‘Rock DJ’ superstar, has only been together for a matter of months after forming from five rejected soloists at the Six Chair Challenge.

They initially adopted the collective name Vibe 5, before changing it to United Vibe, partly due to legal issues.


However, they could now face another rebrand after their latest appearance on last week’s live show.

For ‘Guilty Pleasures’ week, they sang Miley Cyrus hit ‘Party In The USA’ – but the performance faced what host Dermot O’Leary described as a “mauling”, with Simon Cowell even criticising their name.

“Guys, that was terrible, I’m sorry,” he sniped, prompting a chorus boos from the audience.

“For me, everything is going wrong here, even your name. I would just get Twitter to literally select your name for you, because it sounds contrived.

“You’ve gotta rough yourself up guys, and importantly, choose songs that you like.”

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson agreed with the Syco boss. “The song choice didn’t feel like you guys, it didn’t feel like you believed it when you performed,” he said.

“It’s kind of five individual performances right now. I feel like you need to really, really think about your song choices.”


Meanwhile, Robbie’s wife Ayda Williams tried to lighten the mood with a cheeky dig at her hubby.

“I think it’s funny that Robbie picked Party In The USA considering none of his songs have ever been played at any parties in the USA,” she joked.

However, even she wasn’t keen, noting: “I didn’t feel the Vibe, I didn’t feel United.”

In response, Robbie acknowledged there were issues with the performance, claiming it had gone better in rehearsals.

“We’ve got work to do. There was a difference in your performance from the dress rehearsal to then, and I don’t know what it was,” he mused. “We’ll have to work on this.”

Robbie even agreed that United Vibe is a “terrible” name and invited fans to pitch them new monikers on Twitter.


“I think Simon’s right, we need to pick a name for you, ’cause United Vibe is terrible,” he added. “Come on Twitter, give us a name, what should these boys be called?”

The X Factor continues Saturday and Sunday nights on ITV.