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X Factor 2018: Simon Cowell admits his fears over signing Robbie Williams

Simon Cowell has admitted he had fears inviting Robbie Williams to join The X Factor.


Former Take That star Robbie is one of three new judges on this year’s show alongside wife Ayda Williams and One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson.

But Simon has confessed he wasn’t 100% sure of the decision at first.

“I always had that worry which is, you know, after three hours he might just go, ‘I’ve had enough’,” he told The Sun newspaper. “But I would say almost every day we would finish and then he’d email me afterwards, ‘Loved today, best day of my life blah, blah, blah’.

“It’s almost like he’s back in a group again if that makes sense.”

Meanwhile, over at Robbie’s judges’ houses, he’s joined by Simon’s Britain’s Got Talent co-star David Walliams.

David said: “I’ve always loved watching The X Factor, I’ve never missed a series. I’ve actually always wanted to do Judges Houses. I like that I’ve now done it with Rob because I want him to win, I don’t want Simon to win!”


He admitted: “I’m not a musician, I’m a fan of music but when people start talking about vocal ranges I don’t really have a clue. I mean, I can hear when things aren’t great, but I don’t know the technicalities of it.

“But I think that’s ok because I just respond to a feeling, whether I thought people were good or not. The audience know as well, you just know when you’re being entertained or not.”

And David said of Robbie: “He’s great because he’s very empathetic and he’s really been there. He’s also had his ups and downs as a person and as a performer in terms of his popularity. Look back at pictures of him at Glastonbury having left Take That and then you see him as the supreme popstar he is, it’s an incredible journey he’s been on.


“Joining Take That at 15, that’s insane. So when he speaks, he speaks from experience on all fronts. I think the contestants trust him because they know he’s been there and done it all.”

The X Factor 2018 continues this Saturday and Sunday night on ITV.