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X Factor 2018: Cheryl ‘won’t return if Louis Walsh is on the panel’

There are said to be headaches over who The X Factor 2018 judges will be.


Although last year’s series has only just finished – and this year’s is many months away – talks are reportedly already underway.

But, according to Closer magazine, boss Simon Cowell has been delivered an ultimatum by Cheryl.

The former judge has been rumoured for a return to the panel, but isn’t sure she could work alongside Louis Wash – or Sinitta.

“She called Simon and said she wasn’t sure she could return to the show if Louis or Sinitta were hired,” a source said (via The Sun). “Simon now feels stuck in the middle and he said her X Factor role could be in jeopardy.

X Factor 2017 judges houses Simon Cheryl

“Cheryl used to be able to pull all the strings with Simon but that sparkle has fizzled out…”


It’s likely The X Factor judges for 2018 won’t be confirmed for many months yet, so expect plenty more rumours.

The latest last month suggested that Cheryl could become a ‘fifth judge’ on the show.

Show boss Simon Cowell has teased a potential mega line up for what will be the 15th series.

“Nothing’s a done deal and I do like this panel. But the good news is that now more people want to do the show than before,” Simon said. “Is Cheryl keen to come back? She is, yes — I guess she is.”

Simon told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: “In the past I’ve had to beg ­people to do the show, and it wasn’t always that easy. People would do it for a ­season, and say, ‘Right, I’m not coming back.’

X Factor 2017 judges

“But now it’s easier to do the show, it’s much more fun.


“Maybe I’ll have five people on the panel.”

Cheryl first joined the show in 2008 before leaving in 2011 for the American version. The new mum then returned in 2014 before departing again in 2015.