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X Factor 2018: Bella Penfold through to judges houses after getting ‘Golden X’

Bella Penfold has won herself a place in judges’ houses in tonight’s X Factor Six Chair Challenge.


Saturday and Sunday night is another X Factor double bill as we move on from the auditions to the Six Chair Challenge.

The acts in each category will perform one at a time with a hopefully killer song choice, singing for the judges and a live audience at Wembley.

As always in the six chair challenge, it’ll be each category’s mentor that has ultimate power. They’ll decide who to place in a seat, representing a spot at judges’ houses.

First up on Saturday night were the Girls with their mentor Simon Cowell.

We met Bella Penfold again, a 19 year old hotel singer from Essex who sang Joss Stone’s Fell in Love with a Boy at her audition.

“All I want to do is sing. It’s my dream,” she said at her first performance. “This audition for me is so big. I want to show that just an average Joe and crack on and make it big.”


After getting four yeses, tonight saw Bella take on the Six Chair Challenge.

Before singing, she said: “Six chairs today I definitely have something to prove. It means so much to me of 19 years of getting no after no, after no. It’s finally someone going, here’s an opportunity, grab it and don’t let it go.”

Bella added: “I want one of these chairs. If these chairs represent hard work, dedication, the willing to learn and potential then I think I deserve a seat.”

Bella sang Stormzy’s Blinded by Your Grace, pt 2 in her attempt to make the cut.

Simon teased her: “I can’t give you a seat,” before announcing he was instead giving her his ‘Golden X’.

This year for the Six Chair Challenge each of the judges has one Guaranteed Safe Seat to give away.

If the judge likes an act enough, and they definitely want to see them at judges houses they’ll press a golden X and give that act a Safe Seat. The judge can only press this for an act in their own category.

This means the act cannot be swapped out of their chair and they’ll go straight through to judge’s houses.


Therefore Bella has got herself a space through to judges’ houses whatever happens.

The X Factor continues Sunday night at 8PM on ITV.