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X Factor 2018: Bella Penfold hits back at her critics

X Factor 2018 contestant Bella Penfold has hit back at critics ahead of her latest live performances.


Bella is in the Girls category mentored by Simon Cowell and is gearing up for her second outing on the live shows tonight.

The 19-year-old sailed through to judges’ houses earlier this year thanks to a new ‘Golden Buzzer’ twist.

It saw each judge able to send an act straight through to the next round from the Six Chair Challenge by hitting a Britain’s Got Talent style buzzer.

Simon chose Bella as his golden buzzer act but not all viewers agreed with his choice.

Bella admitted: “I feel like I’ve had to work just as hard or even harder to prove myself as I did get some critics saying I didn’t deserve the buzzer so I wanted to come back and show that I am improving and I am trying.”

In an interview with the Daily Star newspaper, she said: “What is a big shame, is that you don’t always get to see what goes on behind the scenes – you don’t always see how hard a contestant is working. You know sometimes people are amazing on the stage but then there are some other people that work really hard behind the scenes as well.


“So you know I think people need to be mindful that just because I was given the golden buzzer, it doesn’t mean I wasn’t working my hardest.”

The X Factor 2018 live shows return tonight with a theme of ‘Guilty Pleasures’.

14 contestants are remain in the running after last Sunday’s first results saw a double elimination.

Currently Joining Bella in Simon’s girls category are Molly Scott, Scarlett Lee, and Shan Ako. Making up Robbie Williams’s full groups category are duo Acacia and Aaliyah, LMA Choir, Misunderstood and boy band United Vibe.

But Louis Tomlinson and Ayda Williams lost an act last week, saying goodbye to Armstrong Martins and Olatunji Yearwood respectively.


Left in the boys category are Anthony Russell, Brendan Murray and Dalton Andre Harris while the Overs are now made up of Danny Tetley, Giovanni Spano and Janice Robinson.

The X Factor airs tonight at 8:35PM and continues Sunday with the next results, featuring Little Mix and Kylie Minogue.