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X Factor 2018: Ayda Field brings back two rejects after clash with Simon Cowell

Aaliyah and Acacia reportedly got a second chance thanks to Ayda's persistence

Ayda Field seems to be making a huge mark on The X Factor 2018 after she won a battle with Simon Cowell over the fates of two rejected contestants.


Recently ITV announced Ayda and her husband Robbie Williams as the first married couple to judge the singing contest.

The news led to criticism from some viewers, claiming that Ayda lacks essential experience of the music business.

However, the American actress reportedly proved herself during filming last week, when she spotted something in two hopefuls that industry veteran Simon missed.

According to The Sun, the Syco boss was adamant that solo rejects Aaliyah and Acacia should go home for good.

But Ayda insisted they audition again as a duo – and her persistence paid off when their performance wowed the arena.

“Ayda challenged Simon behind the scenes over his decision to not give them a second chance,” a source explained.


“He told the girls it was the end of the road. But they really impressed Ayda so she went backstage and asked them to return as a group soon after.

“Simon was insistent it was a bad idea but they sang Bang Bang when they re-auditioned and the crowd, and Simon, were blown away.

“It really proved why she deserves to be on the panel.”

The crowd apparently gave Aaliyah and Acacia a standing ovation, as Ayda joked she’d be “taking credit” for their success.

Her grin got even wider when Simon admitted he’d made a mistake.

The media mogul told the pair: “There’s something very special happening here.

“You had more chemistry after two hours than some of the bands we’ve seen who have been together for years.”

Joining Robbie, Ayda and Simon in the refreshed judging line-up is another newcomer, One Direction star Louis Tomlinson.


Reports suggest that Robbie truly made the panel a family affair when he let his dad take over for a few auditions.

The X Factor is due to return to ITV next month.