Big Brother video: Deana, Conor and Ashleigh struggle with all night party task

Deana alone on sofa

For this week's Big Brother shopping task, the housemates have to party straight for 48 hours, but it's not been going well.

Yesterday saw Day 1 of the task, with the housemates taking part in a kid's party, slumber party and a dinner party.

In the evening, Big Brother asked for the three biggest ravers in the house to ‘enjoy’ an all night endurance party in the Small Task Room.

With a light up dance floor and glitter ball, this was the rave that never ends. They had dance enthusiastically until the club closes, with at least two people on the dance floor at all times.

However, Big Brother failed to inform the group that Big Brother's club isn't a great one, and their DJ only has one song.

Needless to say, having danced all night to the same song, the trio were less than happy.

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