Big Brother 2012: Adam and Deana clash over nominations rule break


The Big Brother house perhaps saw the end of a close friendship last night, with Adam angry at Deana over a nominations rule break.

Last night, Big Brother read out conversations between Sara, Luke A and Deana which had broken the rules.

And many of the chats had mentioned, with Deana suggesting that "they" would be targeting him next.

Chatting with some of the housemates overnight, Adam remarked: "What Deana said was f**ked up."

He insisted: "You can't rationalise what she said. I sat there and heard my name, and what she said, from her mouth.

"There's no way I could ever imagine throwing my friend under the bus. Friends don't say that about friends. Simple enough."

But Sara was perplexed: "I just don't understand what she's done."

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