Big Brother video: Deana gunges Conor, Arron and Luke S!

Deana at party

This evening saw Deana get her own back on Conor, Arroon and Luke S by gunging them in fish guts!

As we revealed earlier, Deana and Lydia were given the opportunity to gunge three housemates who had voted for them during yesterday's nominations, all as a part of this week's 100 points shopping task.

If they chose correctly, they would win 10 points, but if they chose incorrectly, they'd lose 10 points.

Deana targeted Arron, Conor and Luke S, who having all nominate Deana saw 30 points added to the house hotel.

"Piece of f******g piss", Conor moaned under the smelly shower of fish guts.

Watch the clip below!

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