VIDEO: The Apprentice 2012 teaser: Adam Corbally, Jade Nash create 'drunken jellies'

Adam Corbally (The Apprentice 2012)

It's the penultimate task on The Apprentice 2012 tomorrow night, with the candidates challenged to create a new luxury product range.

The two teams must come up with a business plan, sample products and then pitch them to industry experts - and Lord Sugar himself!

[tag]Adam Corbally[/tag] takes charge of Team Phoenix, who decide to create a brand of high end jellies.

But puzzled for names, [tag]Jade Nash[/tag] suggest 'drunken jellies'.

[tag]Nick Holzherr[/tag] warns: "I’m a bit worried about our brand because we’ve got so many different products, it just seems very random"

But Adam decides to plough on with the branding, but it will it be a decision that'll cost him a place in the final on Sunday?

[cat]The Apprentice 2012[/cat] airs Wednesdays at 9PM on BBC One.