VIDEO: Young Apprentice girls in baby race gaffe

Young Apprentice TX2

The girls team are left in a pickle on the Young Apprentice tonight after a communications failure sees a rather questionable choice made in the casting for an advert. The remaining candidates are each tasked with designing and branding a new product for the baby market.

In the girls’ team, film buff Zara is put in charge of casting models for the advertisements but her decision to cast a black mother and white baby is met with hysteria from her bemused team.

Realising that her choice has come under fire, Zara retorts: “Gbemi you are Project Manager so please can you take control of the situation and compose yourself a little.”

Still laughing at Zara’s questionable casting, Gbemi says: “Don’t tell me to take control of a situation that you have already made decisions for. What do you want me to do, change the colour of the baby?! Give it a tan?!”

Young Apprentice, Mondays 9pm on BBC1

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