Celebrity Big Brother 2011 video: Perry win Double Trouble task!

Jedward Celebrity Big Brother

Yesterday, Big Brother set the housemates a unique task which saw them all experience life as twins. Called into the Diary Room, Jedward were asked to pair up the other housemates and test just how good they were together as twins, with the winners being awarded a pamper hamper, bottle of champagne and matching pyjamas and slippers.

The housemates were joined as follows:

Perry = Paddy and Kerry (Kerry dressed as Paddy)

Darluc = Darryn and Lucien (Lucien dressed as Darryn)


Amara = Amy and Tara ( Tara dressed as Amy)

Pambob = Pamela and Bobby (Bobby dressed as Pamela)

After a few hours getting to know their new twin, two pairs were selected for the final by 'Head Twins' Jedward. They chose Amara and Perry, who went head to head in a test of Twintuition, with a bit of added Twin Torture for good measure.

Watch the very messy outcome of the task below...