Celebrity Big Brother 2011: Check out new housemates Amara and Perry! (VIDEOS)

Amy Childs

Earlier today, Big Brother set the Celebrity housemates a task that saw them step into Jedward’s shoes as they paired up and were turned into identical twins. Big Brother called Jedward to the diary room and named them ‘Head Twins’ as the pair with the most twin-experience...

They then had to connect all other housemates together into the following pairings:

Perry = Paddy and Kerry (Kerry dressed as Paddy)
Darluc = Darryn and Lucien (Lucien dressed as Darryn)
Amara = Amy and Tara ( Tara dressed as Amy)
Pambob = Pamela and Bobby (Bobby dressed as Pamela)

Housemates were told that they must copy and mimic the characteristics of their dominant twin in order to impress the Head Twins.

Check out the videos below...