VIDEO: Angry Kerry Katona goes mad at Jedward on Celebrity Big Brother!

Kerry Katona Celebrity Big Brother

Furious Kerry Katona clashed with Jedward in the Celebrity Big Brother house last night, as the pair had a game of catch with Darryn Lyons and Bobby Sabel in the garden. The trio were throwing oranges around to one another, but with Jedward's aim less than brilliant, Kerry got angry.

"You'll get in trouble," she warned, adding: "If you throw that... if you throw that... " as the pair picked up another of the fruit.

"If you throw that Paddy's going to chin you around the face," Amy chipped in.

"Someone’s going to end up getting hurt," Kerry continued.


Tara Reid also backed the I'm A Celeb star, telling the duo: "Jesus you guys, come on, enough!"

But as another fruit missile came close to hitting Kerry on the head, she ranted at the duo: "Get to your room and calm down!"

"We don't have a room" the cheeky pair replied.

"Right get in there now!" Kerry raged, pushing the pair into the living room. The mum of four continued: "The pair of you, that's bloody dangerous, if that hit me in the head it'd have hurt.

"Now get in there and think about what you've done, or could've done!"

The mum-of-four moaned: "Kids!" as she returned to the smoking area while Amy Childs giggled at Jedward's telling off.

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