Tara Reid wins 'Un-Pharaoh' Big Brother task as Jedward and Pamela clash

Tara Reid Celebrity Big Brother

Tara Reid has be named the winner of today's Celebrity Big Brother 'Un-Pharaoh' task, taking over the throne from guest Big Brother housemate Mohamed Al-Fayed. The billionaire business tycoon entered the house this afternoon for the task, which saw the housemates dress up as Egyptian mummies.

The 82-year-old set the housemates two challenges: For the first task, the housemates had to play a came of 'sit down, stand up, with the group being wrapped in bandages before being laid down flat on their backs in the garden and instructed to stand up.

The first six on their feet - Paddy Doherty, Bobby Sabel, Lucien Laviscount, Darryn Lyons, Tara Reid and Sally Bercow - went on to take part in the second task, Musical Sandstone, which American Pie star Tara won.


As a result, Tara received a lavish Egyptian outfit to wear as her new role as the 'Un-Pharaoh'. And with the other housemates having to obey her every command, the wacky Hollywood actress demand the group of celebs to bark like dogs, scream, hug and share their love with one another.

However despite the good nature throughout most of the task, there were a few quibbles between the housemates.

Pamela Bach Hasselhoff clashed with Jedward as the housemates struggled to get up off the ground in the first task, while Bobby Sabel accused Darrn Lyons of letting Tara Reid win the second task.

But there was certainly no confrontation between Mohamed Al-Fayed and Darren Lyons, with the former Harrods owner supposedly set for 'revenge' against the paparazzi over pictures of the death of his son Dodi and Princess Diana.

Watch a clip from the task below...

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