VIDEO: Jedward show off their new dance moves in the Celebrity Big Brother house!


As part of today's task the Celebrity Big Brother housemates have been dressed up as Egyptian mummies, but even wrapped in bandages X Factor twins Jedeward couldn't keep still. The hyperactive duo seemed to be getting on the nerves of the other housemates as they pranced around the bedroom.

But despite their dance moves and seeming to know what was happening, the pair had no idea about what the task would involve, speculating they could have to bury one another or unwrap a new housemate.

In fact, the housemates will be competing to become the heir to the 'Un-Pharaoh' throne, a role which is currently held by billion business tycoon Mohamed Al-Fayed, who entered the house for a short stay earlier today.

> Mohamed Al-Fayed becomes 'Un-Pharaoh' in latest Celebrity Big Brother task

Check out the clip below...

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