VIDEO: Kooky Kitty Brucknell auditions on The X Factor 2011!

Kitty Brucknell X Factor 2011

The X Factor 2011 is back tonight and we've got a short video teaser to share from one of the auditionees, Kitty Brucknel! The kooky singer, who has already been dubbed a 'new Katie Waissel' performs Edge of Glory for the judges in tonight's opening show, but will it be a yes from the panel?

Speaking to the judges before hand, she tells them: "I’ve had a lot of ‘nos’ in my life. I’ve reached the age of 26 and I want to give this a shot and I’m not going to come away with any regrets, I’m going to give it my best shot.

"I’ve come on my own. I begged my friends to come with me and they were just like, ‘no, I’m working’. I think they’re a bit scared. "


Asked what she's going to sing, Kitty explains to new judge Kelly Rowland: "I really want to sing Edge of Glory, the lyrics really mean a lot to me. I want to sing it for you guys and I hope you enjoy it. I’m going to sing it a capella."

Initially the judges are impressed, with Gary telling her: "Wow. Kitty, that was a great audition. You give us the hard, the soft, the medium. You’re full of body, you filled the whole of the O2. The audience loved it."

But as the fellow judges heap on the compliments, Kitty’s personality and attitude begins to change. Kelly observes: "What was scary to me is that I saw two different people."

Will the panel say yes or has Kitty talked her way out of the competition?

Watch the preview below...

> Will wacky Kitty Brucknell talk her way out of getting a yes at her audition?

> Kooky Kitty dubbed as a 'new Katie Waissel' at X Factor auditions

The X Factor 2011 starts tonight at 8PM on ITV.

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