VIDEO: Kerry Katona fails her Celebrity Big Brother secret mission!

Kerry Katona Celebrity Big Brother

It's not looking good for Kerry Katona, not only has she wound all of the housemates up with her fake diva antics, she's got nothing to show for it as well! This evening the former Atomic Kitten singer failed her task, after her fellow housemates voted Jedward as the biggest divas.

Yesterday viewers saw Kerry randomly chosen for a secret mission: to ensure she was voted as the most diva-ish celebrity in the house.

But despite fake tantrums over cigarettes and moaning about wanting to go home already, as well as some pretty arrogant comments to her fellow housemates, not a single one took the bait.


This evening the group were called in the garden to name the house's biggest diva, and all of them named Jedward - including the X Factor twins themselves! "I think you should go with me," Kerry told her pals.

But unfortunately for the blonde reality star, no one paid attention.

"We picked this person because they have a cool picture and they look they're having lots of fun! They're amazing, we picked... Jedward" The tuneless twins from The X Factor 2009 revealed, to the shock of Kerry.

Only the former I'm A Celebrity winner herself didn’t' go with the pair, instead branding herself the biggest diva.

But with 9 votes to 1, it wasn't enough, and it means a severe punishment from Big Brother for Kerry soon.

Perhaps Kerry should’ve thrown a diva strop until they picked her...

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9PM with a live show.

Watch a video clip of the voting below...

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