VIDEO: Kerry Katona throws a tantrum over cigarettes (as part of her secret mission!)

Kerry Katona Celebrity Big Brother

New Celebrity Big Brother 2011 housemate was given her first task of the show tonight - and it was a secret one. After calling one housemate to the Diary Room, Kerry was told by Big Brother she needed to become the biggest diva of the house... or face severe punishment!

Tomorrow night on a second live show, the housemates will be asked to name the most divaish housemate - and they must pick the former Atomic kitten singer.

In order to succeed in her challenge, Big Brother tonight provided Kerry with the first two of three tasks for her to complete.


Firstly, Kerry needed to stage a tantrum amongst the other housemates, within 30 minutes of leaving the diary room. Despite claiming she "wasn't a diva", we were quite fooled by the Jungle Queen's acting when she staged a strop over not being able to have a cigarette.

And even John and Edward were falling for it all when Kerry moaned about wanting to go home already.

With the first task successfully completed, Big Brother called Kerry back to the Diary Room in order to receive further instructions. Kerry was then informed she'd have to stage another tantrum, this time in the middle of the night, forcing someone else to swap beds with her!

Let's hope Kerry doesn't go too far or the other housemates could quickly turn on her, secret mission or not...

Watch the video below...

Celebrity Big Brother 2011 continues tomorrow night at 9PM on Channel 5.

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