VIDEOS: The best worst X Factor auditions and funny moments!

X Factor judges

Let's not pretend: Arguably the best bit about The X Factor is the useless auditionees in the early stages of the competition, and these are our favourite worst auditions! From talentless duos to fighting friends, it's all covered in our top 10 list!

With The X Factor 2011 starting on Saturday August 20, there's not long to go until the show returns with another set of wannabes who'll certainly include plenty of hopeless singers. For now, here's our favourites form the past seven years...

Gurdip Dhillon

We were quite jealous of Gurdip's dance moves from his 2009 audition and we're still not sure why he didn't get through. Fortunately we caught up with the man himself at his audition in Liverpool earlier this year where he was back for another shot, make sure to look out for him when the show returns later this month!


This audition from the 2010 series was probably the most memorable from the whole show; after all ITV made sure we all knew about it by teasing the clip on every single show. When the audition finally did air however it was still quite brilliant.


Donna's rendition of Madonna's 'Like A Prayer' was amazing, if only because of guest judge Paula Abudul's hysterical laughter.

Cave mouth (Holly Gervis)

There's only one thing you're paying attention to when watching this audition from Holly Gervis, and it's not the singing.

Alan Penfold

Alan Penfold wanted to be the next Michael Jackson, but he only managed to impress Louis Walsh with his twirling.

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