Cher Lloyd performed Swagger Jagger at T4 On The Beach and this is what it looked and sounded like

Cher Lloyd

Poor Cher Lloyd can't seem to do anything right nowadays, with fans BOOING the teenager at today's T4 On The Beach! The youngster's performance of debut single Swagger Jagger also prompted inevitable debates about whether or she was miming. Read on to watch a video and make up your own minds.

"I’m very nervous but I’m also very excited… probably more nerves at this point," Cher Lloyd told T4 hosts before taking to the smaller sessions stage at the seaside festival earlier today.

Cher performed her new song 'Swagger Jagger' mixed in with her first X Factor audition song 'Turn My Swag On' from last year's show. This is more or less what it looked and sounded like:

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