VIDEO: Preview clip from The Apprentice Episode 10 - 'Flip It'

The Apprentice 2011

Tomorrow night's latest instalment of The Apprentice 2011 sees the remaining candidates challenged by Lord Sugar to demonstrate shrewd investment decisions. The teams both start out with £250 worth of goods and must bring back as much money as possible by reinvesting profits their profits in more stock.

Lord Sugar's pile of goodies for the candidates contains everything: From cheap nodding dogs to pricey pressure washers and duvet sets to watches and more. The candidates must research and sell the goods before buying more of the most popular and profitable products to increase sales. From street markets to offices and door to door; the candidates are encouraged to sell to anyone and everyone in London, but smart reinvestment is the key to this task.

Watch a preview of the task below, which sees inventor Tom trying his best to flog nodding British bull dogs in London.

The Apprentice 2011 continues on Wednesday at 9PM on BBC One.

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