VIDEO: Watch the Australian promo for this week's UK episodes of 'Neighbours'

NeighboursIf you're watching Australian soap Neighbours on C5 this week you may have noticed the slightly bonkers promo adverts for the upcoming return of show stalwart Harold ''Jelly Belly'' Bishop (Ian Smith). Well down under where the show is produced, the adverts screened on Eleven are slightly more enticing.

The episodes may have already aired over there at the beginning of May but we like to treat you so have a look at the promo advert teasing the return of Harold Bishop which is airing on Friday as well as a juicy newcomer from Sonya's past, Captain Troy Miller, played by ex-Home And Away heart-throb Dieter Brummer. And the newcomer may just have a connection to Callum, *whispers* He's Callum's father! Take a look:

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