VIDEO: Could Deal Or No Deal be about to find its fourth quarter millionaire after just 9 games since the last?

You know that they say about buses. You wait ages for one to come then two come at once. Could that statement also be true for quarter-millionaires on C4 gameshow Deal Or No Deal?

Just 9 games ago, Suzanne Mulholland won the largest amount becoming the third to so whilst also pulling off a dream finish with £100k and £250k left on the board. However, today, the official Facebook group for the show has posted a video asking ''Could lightning strike twice?''

The trailer shows clips of today's game which judging on her hair seems to be Kerry-Ann having what looks to be a really interesting game. And it seems like it may be second time lucky in some aspect. Many fans are speculating that she has a £250,000 vs Blue Final 2 however having looked at the video, could Kerry-Ann also have the dream finish or could she deal at the highest offer in the history of the show?

Well the only way to know is to judge for yourself so have a little peek at the teaser trailer and remember to tune in today at 4pm on Channel Four for what might just be the second £250,000 win in just over a week. Here's the video:

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