Big Brother 2017 housemates get into a very messy chocolate fight

The Big Brother 2017 housemates get messy in a huge chocolate fight on tonight's highlights.

For this week’s shopping task, some housemates enter Big Brother’s Den of Dilemma. Housemates will face dilemmas that will force them to make decisions.

Kieran’s dilemma was to decide between a picnic date in the garden with Savannah or Isabelle, he chooses Savannah. For the duration of the date, Isabelle must wait on them both – SEE CLIP

Lotan is next to be called to the Den of Dilemma. Lotan must chose if he reads mean tweets about Ellie or if Ellie reads mean tweets about him. He choses his own; “That’s not fair on her, I’m used to it and I can take it.”


Later, Housemates are asked to order themselves from least to most selfish. The top five selfish housemates face a dilemma, should they go to a party were there are limited invites or be banished and forfeit the invite. All five say banished

The rest of the housemates are invited to go to the party which is held in the kitchen, stocked with a chocolate fountain and party food

However, in a twist, the banished housemates secretly watch on from the task room as the invited party guests head to the kitchen to just cook food and avoid the party perks.

After the party, Banished housemates re-join the rest of the house. They reveal to their fellow housemates that they were secretly watching.


Lotan and Tom then start throwing the liquid chocolate from the chocolate fountain at each other before Ellie and Charlotte then get involved.

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.