VIDEO: Watch more of sexy dance group Girls Roc dancing with fire!

Girls Roc

They may have left Michael McIntyre unimpressed on last night's Britain's Got Talent 2011 audition show, but with two yeses from David Hasselohoff and Amanda Holden Girls Roc are one step closer to the live shows. Read for more from the group of sexy dancers...


The dance troupe wowed the audience on last night's show with a routine which included fire, hula hoops, angle grinders and even snakes! The raunchy routine however was too much for comedian Michael, saying he felt the act was a bit "too naughty" for the show.

And if this video is anything like what the girls have planned for the live shows, he may be right.

Check out the group swinging from giant disco balls, dancing with more fire and performing in huge cocktail glasses - all whilst in their underwear, of course.

Amanda Holden told the group on last night's show: "Girls, I love girls that are naughty, I think that it was dangerous, I think it was well put together, it was exciting, there was something for everybody, you’ve all got great bottoms! I thought you bought something different.”

While David Hasselhoff added: "So Girls Roc, you come out here, you look wow, you’re really gorgeous, you’re really pretty, totally confident in what you do and you’ve got a beautiful act.”

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